At this time, prints are available for purchase via donation only.  Blue Schu Photography is currently planning an extensive expedition.  All proceeds will go towards PCH travels and photo expedition including fuel, automotive maintenance, shelter and accommodations, food, doggie day care (if/when needed). Blue Schu and dog will be posting photos and blog updates from the road!  Stay tuned for updates of our adventures!  


Donors have the option of donating anonymously.  Donors can also choose to receive one or more prints or gallery wraps of images posted on  

  • A donation of $100-$199 will receive an 8 x 10 print of the donor's choice.  
  • A donation of $200-$499 will receive two 8 x 10 prints the donor's choice.
  • A donation $500-$999 will receive three 8 x 10 prints or one 10 xo 30 (or smaller) gallery wrap
  • A donation of $1000+ will receive two 10 x 30 gallery wraps of the donor's choice